Decathlon and PAL Robotics launched a global partnership to deploy StockBot, one of the global retail robot solutions across multiple Decathlon stores worldwide. The StockBot is an inventory tracking and data collection solution which will assist the Decathlon team and elevate the in-store experience.

StockBot Inventory Robot by PAL Robotics has been helping retailers automate their processes and help them save time for several years now. The StockBot robot automates daily inventory tracking and provides data to inform decisions. It gives accurate stock information to manage the stores while seamlessly integrating with the retailer’s systems and helps them stay ahead in the business.

With their growing number of branches in different countries, Decathlon wants to expand their business further. They were looking for a solution to provide accurate data of the goods on stock and a key to save the long hours taken to manually do inventory, which significantly impacts in-store productivity and efficiency.

That’s when StockBot came into the picture. StockBot was first implemented and tested in the Decathlon store in Singapore. Later, Decathlon used it in few other stores in different countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Italy, and Australia.

StockBot was used to read and detect the products in-store and then validate data. It helped them gain better visibility of the stock, automated inventory tracking, and improved the workflow.

But, this is not the first time Decathlon is using a robot. The company has already tried the Tally Robot from Simbe Robotics in one of its stores in San Francisco.

Decathlon has come up with this plan to improve the efficiency and operations of in-store. So their teammates can dedicate their time to concentrate on the bigger picture like, helping customers and guiding them throughout, clearing their doubts for a better customer experience, and also helping improve the product availability rates. 

PAL Robotics developed state-of-the-art service robots specifically designed to solve the customers’ problems and needs. Despite StockBot, they have launched humanoid robots REEM-C, TIAGo Base, TALOS, TIAGo and ARI, and the quadruped robot SOLO12.