Charging Robotics Ltd. plans to build commercial wireless charging robots for electric vehicles after successfully demonstrating its Proof of Concept.

Charging Robotics is a company that offers on-demand autonomous charging systems for E-vehicles and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medigus, a medical device company based in Israel that develops innovative endoscopic devices.

An official statement released in April mentioned that the company had tested a robot for high-efficiency wireless charging and is intending to complete its proof of concept.

Earlier, ARTI, along with Graz ALVERI GmbH, proposed an autonomous robotic charger named CHARbo to charge E-cars.

Similarly, Solar Alliance had applied for a patent for its Powershed solar charging station, specifically designed for Robotic Lawnmowers.

Charging Robotics has now demonstrated a robotic platform that can auto navigate and charge electric vehicles.

The platform consists of an energy transmitting coil, batteries, and supporting electronics. Another part of the presentation system consisted of an EV simulating unit that encloses target batteries that are to be charged, an electronic coil, and other support electronics.

The robot moved from its home position to its starting position, close to the optimum charging position. After reaching the starting position, The coils get aligned, and the energy is transmitted from the robot transmitting coil to the receiving coil. Maximum charging occurs when coils are aligned.

The instruction for the robot was to move in small increments to optimize the energy. The whole process illustrated the efficiency of 93% at a power of 1kW. The observation states that the system did not collide with each other physically. Coils were placed at a distance of 5cm, and the alignment was perfect.

Since the proof of concept was successful, Charging Robotics has plans to develop this into a commercial pilot project and enhance the power from 1kW to ~13-kW, standard for domestic chargers.