Carbonix, the leading Australian designer, producer, and operator of automated aerial data capture solutions, has collaborated with Robotic Skies Inc, which trades in commercial drone maintenance services worldwide. The partnership is aimed to proffer a global field support program for users who work with Carbonix Volanti and Domani UAVs.

Carbonix UAV systems provide real-time, high-quality aerial pictures and data for various applications, including long-range monitoring and examinations of linear infrastructure in utilities, mines, and agro-business.

The capabilities of Carbonix UAVs are very well-known in Australia. Moreover, it is also creating a name globally with its scheduled system deliveries to South Africa for operations across the African continent this year.

Carbonix UAV system is capable of performing for over 10 hours of flight time. The UAVs support every requirement by employing the most technically advanced ISR, LiDAR and photogrammetry systems to achieve data accuracy and superior efficiency.

According to the CEO of Carbonix, Stephen Pearce, as Carbonix extends its business internationally, Robotic Skies can aid them to direct their effort in developing and safely deploying our UAV technology through this trusted partnership. The partnership will help them offer the most excellent after-sale service and build customer loyalty.

Robotic Skies provides skilled maintenance, testing, inspection, and repair services to the industrial drone sector through its chain of over 230 quality-controlled service centers in more than 50 countries. They combine conventional and next-generation aviation maintenance expertise to provide professional, comprehensive field service programs to recognize and deliver the demands of the emerging drone market.

Robotic Skies’ dedication to distinguish itself via design exemplifies its roots in competitive sailboat racing. The pursuit of aesthetic and practical balance drives their unwavering standards to offer outstanding performance.

Their commitment to continuous testing and refining means constantly pushing the boundaries away from what is possible. They concentrate on every detail to bring simplicity and refinement to their services.

Brad Hayden, founder, and CEO of Robotic Skies promotes the safe integration of next-generation aircraft into existing global aviation services through its diverse industry efforts.

At the beginning of the year, Brad was appointed to the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee. Also, he leads and directs the National Business Aviation Association’s Emerging Technology Committee and the ASTM Subcommittee F46.06 on Autonomous and Electric Aircraft Maintenance Personnel.

As per Brad, this partnership with Carbonix will help them to specialize in UAV maintenance and repair. Also, Robotic Skies aim to ease the work of manufacturers of high-performance industrial UAVs like Carbonix to effortlessly unite Robotic Skies into existing workflows and efficiently develop their customer support infrastructure internationally.

Recently, Robotic Skies confirmed the establishment of a new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility expands the company’s logistics and secure warehousing capacities for clients and partners like Carbonix.

Furthermore, the site serves as a testing ground for optimizing new drone maintenance solutions for distribution through the Robotic Skies Service Center network to improve the service of the increasing Carbonix fleet.