Carbon Robotics, an agro robotics company, has secured $27 million in Series B level Funding led by Anthos Capital which totals its funds to $36 million.

Anthos Capital, Ignition Partners, Fuse Venture Capital, Voyager Capital, Bolt, and Liquid2 Ventures have led the round. The collected funds will be used to scale the company’s production, expand its engineering team, set up regional support for customers across the United States, and invest in the remodeling of new products and technology.

Carbon Robotics unveiled its next-generation Autonomous Weeder in April, an autonomous robot that uses high-power lasers to eradicate weeds through thermal energy while causing no disturbance to the soil.

The robot enables farmers to use fewer herbicides and reduce labor to remove unwanted plants while improving cost reliability and predictability, crop yield, and other metrics.

With 263 herbicide-resistant species spread throughout seventy-one nations, the company has the sturdy need for its products, securing some marquee growers and bookings totaling more than $20 million.

Grimmway Farms, Carzalia Valley Produce, Mercer Ranches, Taylor Farms, Triangle Farms, Terranova Ranch, Bowles Farming Co, Braga Ranch, Duncan circle of relatives Farms, and Amigo Farms are some of the farms that have ordered laser-weeding units recently.

Carbon Robotics’ 2021 and 2022 models were already sold out, and They are now taking orders for the 2023 model.

Carbon Robotics, according to Erik Benson, managing director of Voyager Capital, is uniquely positioned to address critical issues affecting farmers, such as the rise of superweeds and a decrease in the availability of labor. Also, the company is making advanced technologies available to farmers, assisting their business operations by improving efficiencies and reliability, and providing a sustainable method to support land management.

Carbon Robotics is fundamentally changing how farmers weed fields and has the potential to be this millennium’s Deere & Company.

According to Cameron Borumand, General Partner at FUSE, Carbon Robotics has created a game-changing solution to one of agriculture’s most pressing issues. Farmers have been creative and resourceful in addressing the issue thus far, but they deserve the best technology to assist them in performing one of the most crucial jobs in the world—putting food on people’s tables.

Carbon Robotics appointed Eric Scollard as Strategic Sales Advisor as part of the financing to support the company’s aggressive growth trajectory. Scollard’s role would be to develop strategic expansion initiatives that will allow Carbon Robotics to effectively scale the distribution of the Autonomous Weeders and future products.

Scollard will also assist in the growth of the sales and regional support teams. Scollard’s previous executive roles at ExtraHop, Isilon, and Qumulo saw him drive exponential revenue growth while building world-class sales organizations.

Source: Yahoo