Industry robots like Haipick, KettyBot, Dextrous Robots, Picker robots are some of the many industrial robots used in logistics, supply chain management, etc.

October 1976, two entrepreneurial visionaries jointly developed Brokk, a remote-controlled robot that would take the demolition industry forward like never before. Brokk kept ahead with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to help its customers meet growing challenges and become more profitable. Its focus was on replacing manual labor with safe, productive, and mechanized alternatives, evolving the machines with newer attachments to suit industries and applications.

Brokk now is the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, and as of today, 7000 Brokk machines in the remote-controlled division are in use worldwide.

The secret behind the success story of Brokk in the last 40 years of presence in the industry, they have listened to their customers, understood the environments they function in and approach the challenges with improved, intelligent, people-safe, and productive demolition machines.

On 7th July 2021, a press release stated that Frederico Demolition, a demolition company based in New York, has begun operating the 24,361-pound(11,050 kilograms) Brokk 800S, the largest of its kind in demolition robots. Designed and manufactured by Brokk, Brokk 800S is in operation in the North American construction market. 32-foot (10 meters) range and power on par with three times its size type of machines, makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty deployment.

The three-part arm provides maneuverability, Brokk 800S signature feature. It has an attachment capacity to match larger equipment like the 2646-pound(1,200-kilogram) Epiroc MB 1200 BREAKER generally suggested for 33,0000 to 57,000 (15,000 t0 26,000-Kilogram) excavators. This arm can be used with concrete crushers, drum cutters, buckets, grapples, metal shears, and drilling equipment with maximum flexibility, proving its versatility in different demolition projects.

Mark Frederico, the owner of FREDERICO Demolition, has said that Brokk demolition robots give unmatched results every time because they provide the right tools for every job at hand. The power-to-weight ratio and variety of attachments allow it to function in tight spaces and different demolitions.

To clear Ground Zero after the 9/11 attack and to contain the nuclear disaster at Fukushima NPP after the tsunami, Brokk robots helped. Brokk machines work to keep people safe at job sites every day at thousands of locations while increasing business revenue.