Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) has announced its minority investment in a leading US-based self-driving trucking company Kodiak Robotics that will revolutionize commercial trucking. This is a validation of Kodiak Robotic’s presence as an industry-leading autonomous system that develops and deploys long-haul shipping trucks with level 4 autonomy. Bridgestone will employ its smart-sensing tire technologies in these trucks.

Kodiak uses its fleet of level 4 self-driving long-haul, safety driver onboard trucks in the state of Texas to autonomously move freight to its customers. Deploying driverless trucks with full vehicle intelligence that unlocks safe, efficient, and sustainable autonomy in the next coming is the plan.

Bridgestone’s has a suite of cloud-based technologies that predict tire health, maintains and optimizes tire lifespan. The vehicle platform provides vehicle safety with tire intelligence and performance and driver safer outcomes. Jointly, both companies will be able to link their tire technologies to enhance safety, efficiency, and next-generation trucking solutions. Therefore, The companies see their future in piloting autonomous and smart tire technologies with higher safety and sustainable mobility operations with enhanced vehicle intelligence.