Botrista, the maker of DrinkBot, the automated beverage dispenser, has raised $10 million in Series A funding. The round led by Purestone Capital, along with La Kaffa International, Sony Innovation Fund, Middleby Corporation, and PIDC, the total amount of funding raised by Botrista sums up to $16 million.

Are you thinking, why do you need a robot to make a drink? Consistency is the key. If you create one masterpiece mixture, you can program DrinkBot to repeat it thousands of times with no change in taste in under 20 seconds. Moreover, it features a refrigerated base, 14 dispensing nozzles, ambient storage, easy to use interface, and customizable 10+ drink categories.

Above all, contactless production. Yes, the pandemic has favored the delivery robots and the robots of the food industry year after year. We did recently see Miso Robotics join hands with Lancer Worldwide to create an autonomous beverage dispenser.

Despite recording a 10X growth, Botrista is planning to use the funding to expand the footprint of DrinkBot throughout the United States.