Berkshire Grey Inc, the leading AI-enabled robotic solutions, has announced its partnership with North Highland, a worldwide management consulting firm, to solve global supply chain challenges and enhance the throughput of eCommerce fulfillment.

With surging demand in the E-Commerce Industry, lack of labor issues, and increasing customer expectations for speed and quality, chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) are under more stress than ever to optimize supply chain operations and enhance supply chain resiliency. Berkshire Grey offers solutions to customers that support order fulfillment over the entire supply chain by providing the most extensive portfolio of (IER) Intelligent Enterprise Robotic solutions available.

Berkshire Grey’s complete services cover design, installation, testing, and commissioning, as well as ongoing support employing cloud-based AI solutions for auspicious maintenance, system operations management, analytics, and integration. 

Major retailers and consumer product companies trust North Highland consultants to advise and deliver cutting-edge technology, which is why North Highland chose Berkshire Grey’s innovative robotic solutions. Some of the world’s largest retailers use Berkshire Grey’s solutions, and they all benefit from robotics solutions to stay ahead of compounding supply chain problems.

Randy Moore, Associate Vice President, North Highland, said their clients are constantly looking for means to enhance efficiency in order fulfillment, store replenishment, and package handling to extend their supply chain operations — particularly given the current labor shortage.

He said that labor shortage is one of their clients’ serious challenges, which would intensify further because of the upcoming holiday shopping season and covid issues. Berkshire grey can solve this problem with the help of robotics, and they are delighted because of the powerful partnership.

North Highland’s consulting team will access the most advanced AI-enabled robotic supply chain solutions designed to increase throughput, optimize labor, and create a more agile supply chain for eCommerce and retail leaders from Berkshire Grey.

Berkshire Grey’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Retail, Peter Van Alstine, stated that Berkshire Grey and North Highland believe that incorporating robotic automation early in the transformation process is critical to creating a genuinely innovative supply chain. He added that they are excited to collaborate with North Highland to deliver AI-enabled robotic solutions to the world’s leading retailers.

Berkshire Grey Inc. is a leading artificial intelligence company that has its headquarters in Bedford. The company serves various industries such as E-commerce, Retail, and grocery convenience. North Highland is a management consultancy firm with its headquarters in Atlanta, and the company has 25+ offices worldwide.