In the year 2022, the U.S.D.A predicts 52% of food and grocery buyers in the U.S. to shop from digital platforms.  Kevin Prouty, VP IDC says that the grocery industry has to face the challenge of operational agility to live up to the changing preferences of consumer’s habits and needs as digital buying becomes habitual due to its convenience. Implementation of robotic automation aligned with customer preferences will give companies an edge over the rest in their retail supply chain operations. 

Ambi Robotics partnered with DWFritz to build customized robotics solutions for supply chain customers.  AmbiSort, the AI programmed sorting device, sets and packages containers like boxes, polybags, and envelopes at 50 percent higher efficiency than the manual system. Ambi Robotics partnership will help excel in the pick-and-pack fulfillment operations.

On receiving an order online and through mobile apps, Berkshire Grey Intelligent Enterprise Robotics (IER), the leader in these solutions, uses AI-enabled picker robots to pick and pack groceries from inventory into customer’s bags. It completely transforms the process of meeting the increasing demand for groceries online and a rapid delivery system. Their customers are the global 100 retailers and logistics service providers.

Berkshire Grey announced its $23+ million order for same-day online grocery delivery with a giant in E-commerce.  Here, the AI-based robots allow multiple robots to automate pick, pack, move, store, organize, and sort operations to deliver faster with improved workflow to customers in the digitally connected world of E-commerce.

Covid-19 has driven online grocery shopping to heights because of convenience, quick, and efficient fulfillment of a range of consumer demands, says Pete Allen. He also says that their customers also need to ensure every product is available on the shelves at all times. The Berkshire Grey solutions support grocery order-online-pickup-at-store, order-online-be-delivered-to-by-store, and similar high-growth solutions and convenience sectors.

The picker robots support brick-and-mortar operations for retail locations, back-of-store fulfillment, store replenishment for individual consumer orders, and micro and nano-fulfillment center operations found in urban areas. Berkshire Grey offers purchase options for its solutions that include Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS). RaaS helps reduce capital expenditure otherwise required in the conventional purchase model.

The online customer purchase has increased the rate of E-commerce by 30% since the Covid pandemic. The year 2040 sees a rise of 95% in online purchases. Satisfying a large number of customers at the fastest pace in delivery is of penultimate importance. Artificial Intelligence and robotics reengineering will be the solution in the present times.