By the year 2040, 95% of the purchase would be online. The covid pandemic has raised the customer rate of E-commerce by 30%. The need of the hour is to satisfy a large number of customers with a rapid delivery system.

Berkshire Grey, the leader in Intelligent Enterprise Robotics, has introduced the Next generation of brilliant robotic picking (IER) and Advanced Mobility solutions, which include distinct mobile robots to meet the soaring demands of the E-commerce industry. This dexterous solution utilizes artificial intelligence to mobilize various robots to serve immense customer needs and manage deliveries at once by assisting in picking up and organizing.

The Intelligent AI-based orchestration software allows multiple robots to operate united in a Dynamic Environment. These robots learn and improvise over time. Robotic picking is interspersed with Mobile robots to enhance the automation experience and increase productivity in fulfillment centers. These Energetic robots can manage heavier items and supports Wider SKU coverage. These mobile robots operate faster than the traditional approaches and improve the workflow. Additionally, these robots are highly adaptable and can adjust and modify their positions, which is a brilliant way to provide efficient outputs with minimal process costs.

These picker robots are actively re-engineerable. It comes as Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) implementation models, where you pay only for their services. This model has the advantage of reduced ownership costs.

Steve Johnson, President, and COO, said: “We developed this next generation of IER solutions to achieve higher throughput at lower cost in a third of the deployment time,” He added that: “Berkshire Grey’s industrial-grade mobile robots work together at an unprecedented scale to deliver a step-change in speed and intelligence for any fulfillment center. Best of all, our software gets smarter over time, speeding efficiencies, while enabling maximum flexibility for businesses to meet rapidly changing consumer demands”