Berkshire Grey Inc, an American technology company, has announced its partnership with AHS, a Full-service provider that offers robotic solutions to accelerate robotic warehouse solutions to combat the labor shortages and supply chain problems in the e-commerce industry.

This partnership blends AI-enabled robotic automation and system design and integration services to offer next-generation warehouse robotics to the top e-commerce and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

As more businesses feel the tensions of the e-commerce boom and labor shortage, Berkshire Grey’s AI-powered robotic solutions are enhancing fulfillment over the e-commerce and 3PL industries by expanding fulfillment throughput up to 3X.

Through this collaboration, AHS, an established leader in conventional material handling, expanding its innovation portfolio to support companies to streamline processes, improve employee productivity, and deliver flexible, scalable solutions.

According to James Hendrickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Alliances at Berkshire Grey, only 5% of companies currently have any level of robotic automation in their warehouses, and they are going through the inability to fulfill the demand, which they can help fix.

He went on to say that collaborating with AHS empowers them to deliver a comprehensive robotic automation portfolio, accelerate the adoption of AI and robotics, and facilitate warehouse supply chains across industries to scale and grow.

Berkshire Grey’s Partner Alliance program collaborates with a select group of strategic partners to provide scalable robotic solutions developed to improve fulfillment throughput while reducing operational costs to customers in the Retail, eCommerce, 3PL, Grocery, and Package Handling industries.

Berkshire Grey solutions provide faster ROI than competitors in the industry, and their partner program allows them to collaborate with the best consultants, integrators, technology providers, and material handling leaders to provide value-added solutions to customers.