Beewise has designed, developed, and launched the world’s first smart home for bees in California. The bee home facilitates a bee-keeping robot to monitor and take care of the bees.

This Beehome is a total redesign of the 150-year-old beehive. It features an autonomous bee keeping robot that acts as a physician and guardian to supplement the inherent intelligence of bees

It is also the first at-scale solution for saving the global bee population deflecting a notable sustainability crisis.

Every year, around 30 percent of honeybee colonies vanish at an economically devastating rate to farmers, representing a severe risk to global food production.

The core of the crisis is faced by California, which produces more than two-thirds of fruits and nuts and one-third of all vegetables in the United States. On the other hand, Golden State beekeepers now have the latest technology at their hands that could help them change the outcome.

Beehome is a solar-powered, autonomous beehive that integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and precision robotics to maximize efficiency. It leverages big data to rescue extremely small tenants, which have saved up to 80 percent of bees that would have died are now.

As a result of its 24/7 surveillance and smart technology, Beehome is able to detect risks attached to a honeybee colony, such as pesticides or parasites. The robotic system addresses the threat in real-time in the field.

The continuous monitoring and treatment not only protect the honeybee colony but also encourages it to flourish without any human intervention. Beehome reduces colony failure by as much as 80 percent while cutting operational expenditures by 90 percent. As bees are protected in their native habitat from several environmental hazards, pollination is boosted, and honey production is enhanced, strengthening the entire ecosystem for long-term results.

Saar Safra, the CEO of Beewise, said there is a growing threat to the world food supply with each passing day. At the same time, technology is our greatest ally in tackling this situation because it enables us to address every complex and unique challenge that has contributed to the crisis.

He further adds that Beehome is a holistic solution that operates with high speed and accuracy. If we use it to improve the California agricultural system, we can directly impact the entire ecosystem within just a few months of its implementation.

As the first remote-controlled, autonomous beehive, Beehome aims to avoid the collapse of honeybee colonies around the world. As a result of its technologies, beekeepers now have access to the most robust solution in history with a mission to save the bees immediately.

Beewise will begin distributing its beehives around the state in the next few months to achieve its objective of installing thousands of remote-controlled autonomous beehives in the next two years.

The smart Beehome by Beewise is an exceptional technique to save the bees from going extinct. Pollination is essential for a steady food supply which can be taken care of with this technology, and the Beehome can also minimize bee mortality by as much as 80 percent.