Whether you demand coffee or a cocktail, the Barney Robot will prepare and serve your favorite drink to you. Barney Robot, developed by F & P Robotics, is an entirely autonomous robot that makes coffee and cocktails.

Barney is transforming the bar business. Barney sets a new standard for easy 24/7 food and drink, with a fully autonomous robot bar administered by a secure collaborative robot. Barney is operational worldwide and continuously improves robotic bar solutions for bars, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, tourist places, and other high-frequency locations.

Barney is an F & P Robotics Product. Based in Zurich, F & P Robotics is a Swiss pioneer in Personal Robotics that develops and builds lightweight collaborative robots for healthcare, gastronomy, and industrial collaboration applications. 

The Barney Bar

Barney Bar is an entirely autonomous robotic bar that provides cocktails, soft drinks, mocktails, beer, and prosecco in a highly efficient and entertaining way.

The Barney Barista

Barney Barista is an utterly autonomous coffee house or cafe that serves coffee in a highly efficient and entertaining manner.

Unlike the KettyBot that moves and serves the customers, the Barney Robot is a ready to plug-in professional setup stationed at a specific place.

The Barney Robotic Arm

P-Rob Arm that has 6 degrees of freedom with a softcover. The Barney Robot has limited joint forces and velocities. It also comes with an in-built integrated collision detection system and can disinfect its arm by itself. 

Specifications of the Barney Robot

Some of the features of the Barney Robot include:

The footprint of the Bar/Barista

The area of operation is less than 7.5 square meters. Barney Robot can make unlimited types of drinks. The Barney Bar can prepare over 120 glasses per hour. At the same time, the Barney Barista can run autonomously for 100+ drinks.

Plug & Play

Barney Robot comes with an integrated high-quality german dispensing system, ice machine, coolers, screens, order pads, wifi, along multiple sensors.

Extensive Drink Variety

The Barney Bar offers various drink options like cocktails, beers, prosecco, and soft drinks. It provides 16 different alcohols and eight soft drink options.

Order Tablet

Barney has an integrated Tablet to complete orders and payments.

Ice Machine

The Barney Model also has a particular ice machine that produces around 120 kg of ice daily.

Screens for Entertainment

There are 3 TV screens available just behind the bottles that display the robot’s current tasks and other entertainment videos.

Customizable Design

The LEDs of the Robotic Arm are fully customizable and allow modifying the color, intensity, and sequence.

Full Autonomy

Barney’s automated Bar and Barista can work and operate 24/7 autonomously.

Serving Locations

The Barney Bar can accommodate five filling positions along with 2 cup dispensers that have sensors that recognize the refilling need.

The Barney Bar and Barista lets one select, order, and pay for their drink without any human interaction. The Zurich-based robotic company F & P Robotics, which produces the robot and its operational software, has sold robots in China and Oman. Other companies are also working towards robot Bartenders in Europe and Asia, but it’s not apparent if they will finally replace the human bartenders.

Just like the robotic arm of Barney Bar and Barista, there have been many exceptional Robotic Arm technologies in the past, like MIT’s Robotic Arm that helps humans to dress up using its unique algorithms.

The era of Autonomous Bar and Barista

Both Barney Barista and Barney Bar have been designed and engineered in Switzerland. Both the robotic models are entirely autonomous and human-friendly. The cost of each model is approximately 120,000 Swiss francs ($130,719).

The chief sales officer, Gery Colombo, says that they have received double inquiries compared to last year. It could be an advantage for customers who want a bartender who can work 24 hours a day and serve the exact drinks the customers wish to while also reducing human contact.

How will the Barney Robot help the Industry?

The demands for no contact deliveries and no contact services have increased due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Barney Robotic Setup would highly be beneficial in the post-pandemic situation to avoid too much human contact.

The most affected businesses in lockdowns were the travel, restaurant, and hospitality industry. Many restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes had shut down entirely during the coronavirus. A report from the National Restaurant Association states that the restaurant industry lost revenue of more than $120 billion during the first three months of COVID-19.

However, the Brain Robot Franchise of Oman took advantage of the Barney Robot during the Pandemic to serve soft drinks and juices at the Al-Araimi Boulevard mall in Muscat.