Autonopia’s Co-Founder Mohammed Dabiri and SFU Postdoctoral researcher Hossein Kamali have together developed a new robotic window cleaner named “HOMAN” which is three times faster, efficient, safer, and easier to use than the current methods.

Autonopia was founded by a team of engineers in Canada who are well experienced in robotics and automation. With a vision to build autonomous systems, their robots are designed specifically by machines to enable people to do what they are not capable of doing or is too risky and hard for them.

Witnessing a window cleaner falling from the 10th floor of a Malaysian highrise made Mohammed Dabiri think of using efficient robots for that job instead. To eliminate the risk of injuries and fatal death of workers from cleaning windows they have come up with HOMAN.

Despite the rapid advancement and growth in technology, there are still certain jobs that need human assistance and require humans to risk their lives. For decades, many workers have been injured and died because of cleaning high-rise windows.

Kamali has mentioned that “window washing can be very dangerous, inefficient and unsustainable and also stated that many window cleaning contractors have said that they couldn’t find any workers to clean the windows of their building”.

It’s because the job is very demanding and it puts a lot of pressure on the workers both physically and mentally and not many people are ready to do that in recent years.

HOMAN is an autonomous robotic system designed specifically to resolve this issue. HOMAN can clean the glass of buildings and towers which is dangerous for humans to carry out.

This robot mimics the behavior of humans and automatically cleans and wash windows including the nooks and corners and all types of buildings including skyscrapers.

The Robot is created to work as a solution to this problem which improves the efficiency of the work without compromising on the quality of the cleaning as well. Autonopia’s HOMAN is designed from “The Skeleton to the sensory system and software” with this goal in mind.

This robot infuses artificial intelligence (Al), mechatronics, innovative sensory systems, motion control technology, and robotics with a motive to bring high rise window cleaning business in the 21st century to prevent injuries and deaths.

HOMAN works with human technicians so it will clean all the windows and help the workers avoid dangerous life-threatening situations, letting the human technicians concentrate on supervising the operations from a safe location.

This patent-pending machine is designed in such a way that it can withstand any climatic conditions including windy and cold temperatures and is more self-sufficient and less dependent on the operator.

HOMAN is scheduled for its first pilot test in early 2022.

The creation of HOMAN has earned Kamali the Mitacs Entrepreneur award for being an outstanding entrepreneur this year.