Vale, A Leading Mining Company that works to convert natural resources to daily use products, has partnered with ANYbotics to introduce its ANYmal legged Robot into Vale’s Cauê Mine to ensure Employee safety at Vale Mining Company.

The setting up of ANYmal legged robots in the Vale’s Cauê Mine involved the Vale’s Team Walking through the robots to analyze multiple inspection points across various levels. During this process, The team guided the robots about the Investigation area to determine its inspection path.

During this process, The ANYmal generated a 3D Environment map and created a database of its inspection tasks. After this crucial setup of legged robots, It is all set to carry out its Inspectional operations.

ANYmal’s first task takes at the area on the Ground floor of Cauê and consists of inspection points like belts, levers, electric panels, and water drainage regions. ANYmal collects thermal images and audio samples to analyze the temperature and proper operation of a couple of system belts, in addition to high decision images of LED panels, to enable the study of important asset information.

ANYmal inspects several gauges, dials, and levers in its second task to estimate and ensure oil levels. ANYmal’s responsibilities on the facility’s upper level include photographic analysis of the operational state of liquid suction and drainage, electronic panels attached to mill equipment, lubrication gauges, pipe conditions, and thermal temperature analysis of Cauê’s large milling machinery.

ANYmal compiles data from each mission into a comprehensive report for Vale’s team at the end of each inspection round. ANYmal’s unrestricted access to all designated areas as preferred inspection points exemplifies ANYmal’s application to mining and processing facilities.

Rayner Teixeira, Vale’s digital renovation Coordinator, said that their ANYmal could verify numerous asset situations further to a circuit of important spaces, stairs, and complicated systems—all autonomously, and aims to integrate people, technology, and strategies that prioritize safety. ANYbotics AMRs are installed with Velodyne Puck sensors to boost navigation and offer real-time-3D data.

There’s a danger of exposure to unsafe substances and a chance for the employees while running within the mines. Introducing ANYmal would make certain the safety of the employees and increases the accuracy of the Inspection tasks.

ANYmal’s water and dirt-proof ingress protection score (IP67) permits it to perform efficiently through water leaks, inclement climate, and regions with excessive interest to conductive debris within the air and on surfaces.

It emphasizes the robot’s warranty of decreasing the presence of human beings to possibly unsafe scenarios.

ANYbotics AG is a swiss based robotics company that aims to deliver mobile robots to Industrial Applications. Vale Mining company is one of the largest logistic operators in brazil. They mainly deal with iron ore and nickel, but they also process other minerals.