Anybotics, a leading developer in mobile robotics, has announced that they have equipped their mobile robots with Velodyne puck sensors to offer advanced inspection solutions for industrial operators in Monitoring and Maintaining Plants.

Velodyne’s Puck Lidar sensor is valuable in the market. It has a 360-degree Environmental view to cater to real-time 3D data. The sensors detect the shape of even low reflectivity objects, regardless of their material or movement, by combining high-resolution image data with a broad vertical field of view.

This perception capability is critical for advancing the safe and effective operation of mobile robots. Velodyne’s puck sensors installed in the AMRs makes them perform their tasks efficiently on unpredictable surfaces. They can sense the objects and avoid a collision, which is a crucial element for safety.

Erich Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar, said: Using Velodyne’s lidar, their robots could navigate complex multi-story environments autonomously and find the quickest route to complete missions. The robot’s system can safely avoid obstacles and move over rough terrain while in operation.

Daniel Lopez Madrid, Team Lead Perception at ANYbotics, said the Velodyne’s lidar sensors provide ANYmal with a constant stream of high-resolution, 3D information about its surroundings, assisting the robot in safely mapping and patrolling complex and harsh environments.

He added that the sensors provide their robots with the precise localization and mapping capabilities they require to understand the physical environment in which they operate.

The Industrial Robot market worth is estimated to reach $75.3 billion by 2026. Earlier, Equinor, The Energy company, employed Taurob Robots for inspection and maintenance tasks on offshore installations.

Seoul Robotics had partnered with High Tech to offer advanced industrial solutions across Israel through a 3D vision in autonomous vehicles.

Anybotics is a swiss robotics company that manufactures four- legged robots for industrial purposes. These four-legged robots can efficiently climb over the stairs and can work in closed spaces. The depth cameras installed in them can sense obstacles.ANYmal’s inspection payload provides visual, thermal, and acoustic insights for equipment and infrastructure condition monitoring.