Parrot, a major European drone company, has created ANAFI Ai: a drone that lays down new norms and professional capabilities.

ANAFI Ai is the first drone to employ 4G as the significant data link between the drone and the operator, which for the drone market is a game-changer. Thanks to the 4G ANAFI Ai connectivity that provides accurate control at any distance, the users no longer encounter transmission constraints. It remains connected even behind barriers for Beyond Visual Line of Visual flight.

ANAFI Ai incorporates the secure element into the drone and Skycontroller 4 for the first time. This secure element safeguards both the program integrity and the confidentiality of data transmitted. The 4G connection between the drone and the mobile of the user is encrypted.

The extensive partner ecosystem of Parrot offers a range of specialized services and apps for various professional purposes. In the industry, Parrot is the first to present its open-source piloting application. During the flight, Parrot offers developers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to perform custom code using the ANAFI Ai drone. All flight sensors, including avoiding obstacles, occupancy grids, and internet access, are accessible via the SDK.

The innovative obstacle-avoidance (OA) system from ANAFI Ai identifies obstacles in every direction via stereo cameras to sensor objects and prevents them automatically. The 4G Robot includes a 48 MP primary camera and a 4K 60 fps/HDR10 camera to capture highly detailed aerial pictures and smooth video clips.

A decade ago, Parrot was the pioneer for consumer drones and aimed to establish new standards for drones. Professional players have been given powerful new tools such as superior artificial intelligence, autonomous flights, best-developed pictures, photogrammetry accuracy, and reliable 4G connectivity.

4G Connectivity

4G changes the use of drones substantially. With 4G, the data connection between the drone and the pilot is always robust. 4G enables a long-range transmission at low-frequency bands with 700MHz – 900MHz, which is widely and effectively adopted worldwide. The 4G connection also allows experts to fly the drone anywhere and at any distance. For first responders like firefighters and the police, many 4G providers offer high-quality services.

Parrot works hard to develop a robust 4G stream software. Parrot’s software promptly optimizes the definition and frame rate to network quality. The software is powerful for packet and frame losses. ANAFI Ai does not require a subscription; users can use any SIM card that can send data. Parrot offers its users a safe smartphone infrastructure.

ANAFI Ai features

48 Mp Image Accuracy

In HDR 10 mode, ANAFI Ai’s Quad Bayer sensor provides a 14 EV dynamic range. It collects all the data in shadows and highlights. The 6x digital zoom can be used to observe 1cm in a range of 75 m by inspecting experts. The regulated gimbal tilting range (from -90° to +90°) allows specialists to access complicated viewpoints such as bridge structures underneath. The 6-axis hybrid image stabilization (3-axis, 3-axis electronic), even in crosswinds of 12.7 m/s, provides high-quality pictures. The P-Log format enables experts to store more raw resources.

Autonomous Photogrammetry

The biomimetic shape factor of ANAFI Ai imitates the fitness of nature. Its pivoting head includes an omnipresent camera which ensures the accurate avoidance of obstacles in every direction of flight. ANAFI Ai automatically decides the optimal path to carry out its job when obstructions are identified. Embedded Artificial Intelligence enables autonomous photogrammetry-specific flight planning, enhances productivity, and saves time.

In just one click, professionals can produce optimized missions based on the building’s land registration.

Quad Bayer Sensor 48 MP ANAFI Ai offers precise, 2D, and 3D models for supervision grade. With a 1″20MP sensor, it is as accurate as drones with 1.5 times higher volume. At the height of 30 m, a GSD of 0.46 cm/px can be achieved. Photos may be captured two times faster at 1fps than any other drone in the market.

NAFI Ai is expected to be available via Parrot Drone Enterprise Partners and the world’s largest enterprise Drone Reseller Network in the second half of 2021.

We see robots in every industry, be it in space or underground. Technology is growing faster than ever, and most jobs will be done via robots by 2030.