American Robotics, the first company to get licensed by the FAA to run the automated drones on-site without human supervisors, is set to build an automated drone program for stockpile Reports.

American Robotics is a US-based Robotics company that builds fully automated drones for industries. It has its headquarters at Marlborough. One can manage their scout systems from the comfort of their office. They have entered into a definitive agreement with Ondas Holdings, a holding company, and they have plans to expand their company further to serve industrial markets.

Stockpile Reports, a Washington-based company, helps in stockpile measurement for businesses. It saves time and cuts the cost by eliminating expensive write-offs, and provides an efficient-scaling system for inventory management.

Flying robots are used extensively for aerial photography, surveillance, weather monitoring, and Traffic monitoring. Researchers are continuously developing various forms of drones. Lately, They have developed a drone called the Parrot Anafi AI, a 4G connected drone with a shark-like structure that can be best suited for aerial mapping and photogrammetry.

American Robotics is the first robotic company approved by the FAA to run entirely automated drones on-site without human supervision. Stockpile Reports company has chosen the drones of American Robotics for a stockpile measurement solution. With the help of a drone, You can measure the stockpile accurately. Drones use a 3D map of your site and determine the dimensions of the accumulated stock in the worksite. It can be helpful for a large area of worksites.

Reese Mozer, CEO, and Co-founder of AmericanRobotics said that, Ultimately, the Industry’s product is data, not airplanes. With real automation, it is possible to collect a new category of data, impossible before, resulting in a new segment of valuable insight and analysis.

David Boardman, Founder, and CEO of Stockpile Reports, said that Autonomous drones would provide the ability to aggressively scale the real-time digitization of large industrial materials in storage. He mentioned that their strategic customers would use autonomous drones to increase operational efficiency.

Using Drones for stockpile analysis saves cost, time and provides accurate data. It also ensures safety at the worksite.

Source: BW