Ambi Robotics, founded in 2018, is an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company that produces exceptional supply chain solutions. DWFritz Automation, an established company founded in 1973 and a global supplier of high precision automation and metrology solutions, announced a partnership to develop customized robotic solutions for supply chain customers of Ambi Robotics.

Jim Liefer, the CEO of Ambi Robotics, said,

“We are excited to work with DWFritz as we scale deployments of AI-powered sorting systems.”

He further states,

“DWFritz’s engineer-to-order and build-to-print capabilities complement Ambi’s ability to configure solutions that meet the needs of each customer, which will reduce implementation costs for our customers as we rapidly deploy the AmbiSort solution for e-commerce and parcel sortation.” 

The AI programmable robotic sorting device, AmbiSort, sets and packages millions of single parcels in destination containers, such as boxes, polybags, and envelopes, greater than 50 percent speed, higher than the company’s manual system. Ambi Robotics Sorting Systems run on AmbiOS, an innovative operating system used by the business to power its highly dexterous robots using proprietary simulation-to-reality AI.

Mike Fritz, the CEO of DWFritz, said,

“Our partnership with Ambi Robotics will help customers bring efficiencies of scale to their manufacturing capabilities while improving throughput and lowering costs.”

He further adds that DWFritz can fulfill Ambi’s rapidly increasing need for warehouse automation goods by leveraging DWFritz global supply chain, technology alliances, precise automation, and modern manufacturing skills.

DWFritz key strengths in precision assembly, process automation, print and inspection, and metrological systems enable AI-driven sorting solutions to be deployed into current client processes quickly. DWFritz fundamental competencies include: Ambi Robotics systems may receive products from conveyors, chutes, or bins and can successfully store them in bottles, totes, and bags that the company integrates into the current workflow of each customer.

DWFritz designs, builds, and supports high-speed, non-contact metrological systems for engineer-to-order automation systems and provides customers with world-class production facilities. The firm has offices in France and China in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Ambi Robotics, a leading robotics company with AI researchers worldwide, works together to produce the most valued solutions of the supply chain. The firm is based in Emeryville, California.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics combine powerfully to automate tasks both within and outside the plant. AI has been increasingly present in robotic systems in recent years, bringing versatility and learning capacity in formerly rigid applications.

This collaboration is indeed enormous. Both Ambi Robotics and DWFritz are best in their niche. DWFritz will assist Ambi Robotics in creating customized AI Robotic Systems with ease and precision.