Amazon, Has recently announced about setting up a Scout delivery robot development centre in its blog post.

Amazon, one of the leading Tech companies headquartered in Seattle, had unveiled a fully electric system called “Amazon Scout”. Autonomous devices appear like coolers with wheels that stroll along the sidewalks. Introduced in 2019, and The Scout Robots are currently running in the US. Presently, It is serving customers in four US locations. These Astutely designed delivery robots can safely navigate their delivery routes without causing hindrances to the pet, pedestrians in their path.

On Thursday, Amazon announced its plan to launch an Amazon Scout development center in Helsinki, Finland. Two dozen engineers will be engaged in the new team in Finland, and their operations would focus on the research and development of amazon Scout. The Team in Helsinki would be working closely with Amazon Scout research and development labs in Seattle, U.S., and teams in Cambridge, United Kingdom and Tübingen, Germany, to build 3D software to ensure safe deliveries while dealing with real-life complications.

Earlier, Amazon Robot fired a contract driver from a flex program after the algorithm tracked his job activity and decided he is not doing his job well. Amazon seamlessly invests in new technologies to provide safety for the employees.

Amazon said: “We invest in our local communities by creating new jobs, building philanthropic partnerships, and reducing the impact of climate change on future generations by building a sustainable business. From the local jobs we bring, to the local people we employ, train, and upskill—our business is made up of people from the communities in which we operate. Across Europe, Amazon is creating thousands of quality jobs and investing billions in local economies. We created 20,000 jobs in 2020, growing our employee population to more than 135,000 across 15 European countries”.

Amazon is now hiring Engineers to work with the Helsinki Scout team. Suitable candidates can apply for this position on the Amazon Jobs website.