The most popular Amazon. Inc’s self-driving unit Zoox is all set to begin its Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Seattle. The company which, emphasizes safety measures, had updated its safety standards for its autonomous Robotaxi Earlier.

Currently headquartered in Foster City, California, Zoox will add a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles reconstructed with its sensor technology and autonomous driving software. The company believes that Seattle’s climate would favor its technology to drive in a different range of Environments.

At present, Zoox is testing vehicles in the relatively drier vicinity of Las Vegas, San Francisco, and its hometown. Zoox will launch its Seattle office next year.

As per this month’s earliest report of Bloomberg, The Detroit auto giant aims to start charging for their rides by next year and expects to gain $50 billion in revenue. Zoox vehicles have Advanced safety features like innovative airbags, and it has a 133 kWh battery which makes it function all day seamlessly. With advanced features, one can customize their rides in Zoox vehicles.

Zoox fabricates its vehicles in the small production unit at a small production facility in Fremont, California.Zoox signals other people on the road with sound and light. For now, Zoox is testing reconstructed Toyotas only on public roads. The company did not reveal about their autonomous vehicle launch or the details of their commercial service.

According to Jesse Levinson, Zoox co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer, Seattle is not currently a hot spot for autonomous car development. However, it is unquestionably a magnet for computer scientists in general.

He went on to say that the weather in Seattle is another crucial factor in putting the Zoox car through severe weather testing to observe how water affects the sensors.

Lanson said that after buying Zoox in 2020, Its parent company Amazon has been relatively hands-off. The Zoox company has cleared all its regulatory approvals for testing in Seattle and Washington.

Zoox is a subsidiary company of Amazon. It operates to build autonomous vehicles targeting the Robotaxi market. The company focuses on creating new transportation that makes rides enjoyable and safe for all.